Pay-per-Use Game Server Hosting

Add funds to your account and launch game servers on demand

Hey, we know you have kids and jobs and dogs but you also love to game with your friends when it's time to chill out. We also know you don't want to be tied down to another monthly subscription.

This is why we created Grryno.

With our game servers you only pay for what you use. This means you can run as many game servers as you want and you're billed by the minute for each one. As soon as you stop a server your billing stops too.

Pay by the Minute

Load some money into your account and pay only for what you use, charged by the minute.

Unlimited Players

We don't enforce limits on number of players per server (ie. no "slot" limits).

Choose Server Specs

You can select the cpus and amount of memory for the machine that your game will run on.

Realtime Console

View your server console output and send commands through our web interface.

Auto Shutdown

Your servers will automatically shut down after 10 minutes if there are no players on it, saving you money.

FTP Access

Manage your config files and mods using a secure ftp connection to your game server.

How many hours a month do you run a game server?

You may be able to save some money by using Grryno's pay-per-use service instead of committing to a monthly subscription elsewhere.

Hours of game time per month Approximate price
(Average cost of $0.19/h)
5 $0.95/m
10 $1.90/m
20 $3.80/m
30 $5.70/m
40 $7.60/m
60 $11.40/m
80 $15.20/m


What game server do you want to run?